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City skyline:

To all those who dream the world different,

And wake to build it.

Our lives are a collection of habitual patterns, from the routes we take to work, to the foods we choose to eat, to what we do for fun on the weekend. These patterns of how we understand and engage with the world impact the communities we build and how successful we are within them. While some people see Silicon Valley as a magical location where start-ups blossom, the magic of the Valley is not contained within its roads and sidewalks. The magic is stored in the habits, networks, and information maps of the people that together form a productive and supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

This series of articles offers people who build entrepreneurial ecosystems that we will call Community Leaders, a set of interaction patterns to build the kinds of information networks in their communities that can foster successful companies. These patterns can be used in Silicon Valley as well as Kansas City.

Interaction patterns are repeatable flows of information and relationships between people and the spaces around them, an idea derived from Kevin Lynch’s “Image of the City” and Christopher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language.

This book offers six practical interaction patterns developed through extensive interviews with entrepreneurs at several different stages of entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. Each pattern is broken into the information theory behind why the pattern produces productive interactions and the Practice to provide Community Leaders guidance to implement these patterns in their communities.

The goal of this book is to peel back the idea of Silicon Valley as having a hold on entrepreneurial success and uncover repeatable patterns to broaden equity of access to entrepreneurship.

Part I: Introduction

Part II: The Landscape Now

Part III: Interaction Patterns

Part IV: Patterns In Practice

Peripheral Awareness: Putting Entrepreneurship on the Mental Map

Companies That Scale: Widening the Box of the Possible

Narrowing the Unknown: Energy-Efficient Building

Connected Goalposts: Address Leaks in the Pipeline

Increments of Learning: Making Unseen Work Visible

Part IV: Lessons Learned





Interaction Writer and CEO of Adjacent

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Rachel Aliana

Rachel Aliana

Interaction Writer and CEO of Adjacent

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