The Killing Gene: Stories and Evolutionary Biology

Rachel Aliana
2 min readMar 22, 2022

What does Dan Harman’s “Story Circle” Have to do with davidrandallmiller’s Youtube video “I programmed some creatures. They Evolved.”?

Stories are fundamentally a way to culturally pass down information on how ancestors succeeded in their last generation to reproduce.

Movie idea “The Killing Gene”: Somewhere around Generation 800, one child is born with their killing gene turned “on” by random mutation . When a mutation like this happens and it helps out the next generation, and more of them are born, there’s more likely to be a runaway event.

This computer scientist found out that in humanity, there’s a specific number of “kill” events in the world for the world to switch to killing being the status quo of how humanity interacts with each other, in extremely small family units where it is every person for themselves.

The movie tracks this kid that when they turn 21 kids in this future have to get their genes tested to see if they potentially have the Killing Gene. And now since the world is down to dozens of murders a year, no one is really too worried about having the gene.

If you have the gene, you have to go to the Observatory, a jail where you are monitored your entire life.

This kid gets his finger pricked and his DNA sequenced.

Then outside of the doctor’s office two policemen appear. They tell him he can have five minutes with his mom before they take him to say goodbye.

His mother is very cold to him.

She leaves and while he’s waiting, the detectives are distracted and he slips out.

He first runs to his girlfriend’s place in the hopes she’ll run away with him. She’s there, and he tells her what happened. She immediately betrays him and calls the cops.

He hears the cop’s cars and he runs away from her place to his best friend’s place. This time his best friend actually does hear him out — — he’s of the opinion that even people with